Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another Fake "Eye on Malaysia" , Malacca version.

i dont know why... but it seem Malacca loved to have things that are not appropriate for the tourism industry....

this recent picture show how they are eager to have 'eye on Malaysia' that are surrounded by 'taller' building.... i dont see where the tourist actually want to view from it the 'deep' Sungai Melaka????

Pak Li ...figured out something else lah.

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dee3 said...

kelakar, tak pernah tau pon pasal melaka nye "mata" tu... ala2 bawah tempurung sikit kots?

:) thanks for dropping by, much appreciated. tak lama lagi dah bertukar tahun lagi (ergh)

(elele melalut pulak). thanks again mr. prez of iran.