Monday, April 14, 2008

Permohonan Maaf Pada Sdr Sha'rin Bin Sahad

saya dengan rasa rendah diri dan penuh 'kemaluan' memohon maaf kepada Sdr Sha'rin Bin Sahad sekeluarga di Bukit Beruang Melaka yang telah melepaskan jawatan sebagai S/u Akhbar kepada Ali Ketam pada tahun 2007

dengan rasa 'keinsafan' saya ingin memohon kepada semua pembaca komen saya supaya membaca NAMA sharin saat DGN GANTIAN SEBAGAI Akbar Ali Si Pembodek

dia nie pesara tak sedar diri...projek nak gahkan nama Melaka


dah join PAS Melaka ke?

Friday, April 11, 2008

LOL...Ali Ketam tak berani

as i said previously....this Joker dont have the guts to publish my comment

it was only a few things...that i tipped out of the corrupt things that have been around him in the past years

so ... cybertroopers.....BACUL la lu

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

this is my vote... not a secret anymore

so ....Lim Jak Wong please do your best in the coming Sidang DUN....Damian what you wanna know about...please drop it in comment


Saturday, April 5, 2008

so Melaka ready... open tender?

rumours blow(fact actually) all tenders in Melaka will have to passed the screen by the CM... be it by JKR, JPS, UPEN, PKNM and SAMB

so wether the contractor is qualified or not....paperwork will be favouring them... the art of 'window dressing' will have it touch by the lead agency who called-out the tender

there are cases where... design and build project were brought/presented/discussed with the CM to meet his 'need of statement' ... no matter what the 'cost' will be?

so... government 'agency'(those who called out the tender) in melaka... shame on you!!! still back-up this politician and do not dare to disclose it to the ACA

DOSA >>>>DOSA>>>>>>DOSA>>>>>>TIPU>>>>>TIPU>>>>TIPU

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ali Ketam start blogging.... comment moderated by cyber troopers

if you wanna see it... find it yourself

his piece of shit being organised by his media secretary Syahril Saad (i think...former SMK (A) Sultan Muhammad student)

first of all his 'say' about "fitna" was so damn good... and it was not 'his' handwritten... maybe his translation

he is not that wellverse with English...just like me

i leave a comment... and i wanna see wether the moderator have the guts to publish it

so Ali....please publish my caci maki in your blog

ada berani ka?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AP King in April Fool

though MITI have abolished the open AP now(today), better still it was announced before by the ex-Minister herself few years back

the words have been re-said but in another tone to the Rakyat by the new Minister of MITI

the AP King still will be the 'lord' in the AP World just like Mawi gained the SMS King title

why???? wtf ... 'franchise thingy' with the manufacturer will have their AP as usual and normal days as before

that was their MO... why called it off differently yesterday

Muhyiddin want good ratings with media??? is that so....MSM please give him one

he deserves it today...the APril FOOL day