Monday, March 17, 2008

govt procurement for internal pls

malaysian government should review it policy on internal courses procurement which now are not meeting its core objectives, i.e. human capital improvement

almost 80% of public sector institution spent about +-RM80 per participant on things that are not suppose to be spend for the participant which includes 'lavish' gifts, t-shirts, caps and etc

excuses given by the courses co-ordinator were mainly to gave appreciation to the participants, which I personally consider it as a WASTE

TREASURY have to take steps in controlling this activities so proper funds will go to the TRUE end users that will benefit all

FIRM circular have to be draft for this area

I beg TREASURY to consider this matters so that we'll have a 1st class public sector

p/s: TREASURY and PSD please also look into the habit of more than 75% of Public Servant who loves making their Tuntutan Perjalanan and Tuntutan Elaun Lebih Masa as permanent income every month nowadays....BEG you, Tan Sri Adam Ismail

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