Monday, July 27, 2009

Majlis Fatwa ...please do something about Muslim Man Married to Another Muslim Man

Please don't address him as her.

His real name is Zulkifli Ahmad.

Majlis Fatwa should do something about Muslim man married to another Muslim man(elsewhere, another case maybe?).

He have been a MAN from 1958 to 1975++ from what I've read in KOSMO.

It have been a precedent case... why all the sudden the media doesn't want to reveal this thing... is it because he's a celebrity... he's invincible(I don't know!!! But the family should clear up things, because KOSMO had revealed it).

A sin is still a sin. Was the procedure intact before he got married(got the religious department clearance and medical expert opinion according to Syariah)?

UPDATE 28/07/2009
My apology to the family if he was categorized as 'khunsa'
But 17++ years he lived as a man... it was 'too' long to determine where he should headed(the interest for woman or man) for?

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