Wednesday, January 23, 2008

STEVE OH... you are so insensitive towards Islam

through the link above.. Muslim readers ... dont be confused with what have been done by other Muslim country

refer to surah Al-Kafirun please

the hudud law applies only for the Muslim... its pure intention was to prevent and educate Muslims more allocations for prison, supervising offenders(public will do that) by government officers, meals for the prisoners, and etc(figure it out in terms of government saving)

so Steve... you are one of a kind phantom voters from Australia


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Anonymous said...

Steve Oh lives far, far away from snatch thieves, mat rempit, serial rapists etc... that's why he could make a statement like that.
Today's Christians despises the Muslims so much that they will do things differently from the Muslims even though it's part of their teachings. How many Christian women would dress up like Virgin Mary? Or perhaps, check out Deuteronomy 22: 13-30 on stoning adulterers to death, which Steve Oh disagrees but it's in the Bible.