Monday, December 21, 2009

The real thefts of government are the BOOK-KEEPER???

They are called the PLASTIC-thingy in Malaysia. They do not care or bother if government servants steal the money from the coffers because it is supposedly under the RADAR(read as responsibility) of the Auditor General. They would only like to enforce the COMPLIANCE of financial document be based on supporting document(that do not exist) and CHECK-LIST(in their computerized accounting system, of course…simple job mah…only tick, tick and tick).

They only bother their KPI of reporting and not the RATIONALISATION of expenses incurred by the government. WHO CARES? They don’t care as long they have their promotion, salary paid and not being transferred (for not following malpractices done by head of department and politician …atas alasan dasar CM/MB kita kena sokong walaupun salah)

In the private sector, Financial Controller/CFO a.k.a BOOKKEEPER, had their decision accountable on the Company’s performance be it in sales and expenses… BUT in public sector…they just neglect it because it is the responsibility of PTJ….let the managers manage…they called it once upon a time

F**k them real hard….the Treasury Instruction are part of the Financial Procedure Act…the law are there to prevent from it happened…and not to take action after it is was too late

Let say the New Jet Engine to be acquired…you have to do research in the market according to T.I.169. If it is priced between 3 to 5 million ringgit in the market then you should have the supplier supply it to the department not more than added 10% of the market…if you so happen to have it more…then SOMEONE or SOMEBODY should be responsible under T.I.59….AND IT SHOULD NOT BE PAID STRAIGHT AWAY…SCOT FREE you idiotic PUBLIC BOOKKEEPER….

Why so useless? No more experience person in-charge lorr??? IF you thought that you don’t have to be analytical…don’t study accounting?? If you can’t interpret the financial law properly… go to school BACK laaa….CRITICAL THINKING are not appreciated …your work done only by computers….PTD can take over some more….easy what ….

YOUR WORK are just ….TICK and CLICK!!!!!!!

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