Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bukit Katil Voters

if you really dont like Md Sirat... show it through your votes

not casting your votes will not send the message(Ruddin dropped due to ALI ploy)... so go out and vote

Ruddin wife's transfer within 24 hour from Melaka... you know who behind it?

Pak Hassan quarrell with Ruddin in Bukit Katil

Karim plot to sabotage Ruddin

and 'Peruntukan Parlimen Bukit Katil' case ... doesn't went to the right owner... remember Ruddin once warned to report it to the ACA... but now 'senyap jer'


Une_Musulmane said...

This is to your comment on my blog.

Dear Blow d`whistle..

I must also say that my friend is a coward in one way but brave enough in other way...sometimes we also have to put our selves in their shoes to see the real situation they are facing.

Pointing on notes of "shubahah"-this is the main factor that i refuse to accept offer as a Magistret in Kelantan fact any offer from government sector.You could just imagine- having a department meeting in Cameron Highlands?or Sabah?Or using a mechanical pencils which worth of RM 1500.00 per piece? blog and surfing the internets using the departments facilities?WHere did the money come from?The tax.And from whose pockets?The people...

So no hurt feeling but i think its vice-versa.

Just my two cents anyway.Thanks for responding.

Blow d' whistle said...

by the way..i'm blogging from my house...on my annual leave

Une_Musulmane said...


just an example sir..not pointing to