Thursday, April 16, 2009

now... they can challenge... precedent case have made it possible

the apex have said their verdict and it seems that it will be a preceding case to be referred in the near future

what have been told before have to be untold now

and its begin with the.....PARLIAMENT


cheers for a great 'justice'


ismail said...

If you read the judgement carefully, the decision was made with reference to the Perak constitution. So don't set your hopes too high.


Blow d' whistle said...

whatever the decision maybe... it have been part of the history

and wether it was in magistrate, session, high or federal... it have been a precedent case to be referred by practitioners

with regards wether it was a constitutional of perak, united kingdom, republic of singapore or republic of indonesia... it have been a verdict... people will look into it

i guess!!!!!