Wednesday, April 8, 2009

they just never learnt

i thought the secret agency have improved their method to gauge situation at par with cia or fbi

they are not taking 'thing' seriously

maybe they lack the competency in behaviour assessment

how cant we know 'people' evolved to become much 'smarter' now



Anonymous said...

Congratulations young padwan. You have just attract my attention with cynical views. Don't bite the hands that feeds you. Don't simply take advantage of others just for the sake of your political ambition. Don't think we don't know where you get your info. Anyway, how's wheather at you place? We also heard the stall near JPJ is good. Anyway best of luck.

Blower said...

to anon

tq for visiting my blog.... just 2 cents of my opinion

it's raining during the day unexpectedly here at JPJ

i hope it will improve the approach of 'the secret service' gathering data method

we should try to be at par with the BAU, NCIS, CIA or FBI as shown in our local media

i also hope it will be a 'positive comment' that can build our nation to a first class agency in the world

sorry...if you thought that i'm using the data to get a winning feeds for the so called 'opposition' but i'm not

i only kept it to myself for the past week

you should look at it positively

CEK NON said...


pak asan punya warong paling best kat dgn jpj tuuuu

takde pun boleh cuba wan husna tomyam.... wan husna pun da byk cawangan sekarang ni

blower...jangan byk tgk tv sangat...diorang tu sumer tipu jer tuuu.... fbi , cia , bau tu sumer ader team yang banyak bidang...

kita kat sini...xsuka sgt amik org cerdik pandai masuk secret agency...takut tak sehaluan


CEk Non