Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good Interview by Aniza Damis.......

Below are some excerpts from the interview between Aniza and Tun Musa:

Q: Is Malaysia ready for peaceful assemblies?

A: Yes! Come on, we have been independent for 50 years.I am happy that the prime minister actually directed the MIC to look into the matter. But they should not have been told…it should have been an on-going thing. Maybe they need to have a good fresh look at themselves.The TV saying everyday that Ini Bukan Budaya Kita. I’m sorry for ridiculing this, but where is there a Budaya of violence anywhere in the world? Do you think violence is a French budaya? Indonesians? Filipinos?Don’t anybody dare tell me that I’m anti-government, or anti-UMNO.The right to peaceful assembly is enshrined in our democratic institution. That right also gives the right to the government to refuse.The thing at issue is not that the rights are not there. The right exist. It is the application of the right and the administration of the right that I am taking issue with.So the survival of liberalism and tolerance depends on the ability of all to contribute. It is in the interest of all to see that this liberalism and tolerance survive. It is in the interest of all.

Q: If the government doesn’t come up with a system, what would this say about human rights and about us?

A: The government has the right to say no. the government has a right to refuse. But if it does, I’ll be disappointed. Try, lah!

What a joke Zam have told everybody nationwide..... bogus ex-journalist....

Is this type of leader we want.... act without thinking... I suppose if we have another alternative free tv station... maybe this would not happen....

Malaysian please raise-up Malaysia DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!

Do it in the next General Election.

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